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Registration $25.00
General Administrative $25.00

Full-time (per semester) $2,455.00
Part-time (per credit) $210.00
Fees effective Fall 2024 Semester

Students are responsible to purchase textbooks prior to the start of class.

All fees and tuition are payable upon registering for a class. All unpaid tuition balances will be assessed a 1/2% fee compounded monthly.  Payment of all fees, tuition and other Seminary related expenses must be totally met before any degrees are granted. If special arrangements are necessary, they can be made with the Treasurer.

Anyone auditing a course will pay the registration and general fees for the semester plus a tuition fee of $210.00 per credit hour.

Fees are non-refundable, however, a student is entitled to a refund of tuition according to the following schedule, when withdrawing from the Seminary.

First day              100%
First week              75%
Second week          50%
Third week             25%
Fourth week or later  0%

Financial Aid
Some scholarships funds may be available for financial aid to cover tuition and fees. A written request for financial aid must be submitted to the Dean.


Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary
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