Equal opportunity for admission to the Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary is granted without regard to race or nationality.

Note: Acceptance or rejection of a perspective student will be based upon a decision of the Board of Directors of the Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary and is not the sole responsibility of the President or staff. Such a determination is made through the evaluation of all information provided during the application for admission.

Privacy Act
The Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary will respect your privacy. Your personal information will be shared only as required by law or with your specific permission.

Forms (printable)
Admissions Application

Student Registration

Classification of Students
Full-time Students
Those students who have registered for twelve or more hours of credits in a given semester.

Part-time Students
Those students who register for less than twelve hours of credit in a given semester.

Special Students
Those who have not met the minimum qualifications for the Master of Divinity degree and do not desire to prepare for full-time ministry in the Church.

Provisional Students
A newly enrolled student who, in the judgment of the Admissions Committee, has not sufficiently demonstrated aptitude for ministerial training and has been granted a qualified admission consisting of one semester of academic probation.

Online/Distance Learning
Students can take classes "live" via the Internet but in order to participate in this way, they must have a high-speed Internet connection and a webcam.  For those who cannot use the "live" stream, classes can also be taken by download or by DVD. For the current class schedule, refer to Academic Information/Class Schedule.

The completed application form is to be sent to the Administrator of the Seminary. The instructions are on the application form regarding additional information and documentation which are also to be sent directly to the Seminary. Applicants will be notified either personally, by mail or by phone of their acceptance as prospective students.

Class Attendance
The student assumes responsibility for completion of all requirements as determined for each course and is expected to attend all class sessions for which he is registered. Common courtesy suggests that a student confer with his instructor if absence from class becomes necessary. A student who needlessly absents himself from class is liable to censure, to disciplinary probation or to dismissal if such action in warranted.

Incomplete Work
A grade of “Incomplete” may be assigned by the instructor. For credit to be established an “Incomplete” must be removed within fifteen weeks of the close of the semester in which it was given. If not completed the student will fail the course and no credit will be given.

Academic Probation
Any student who fails to maintain a cumulative or current average of 2.00 (C) will be placed on academic probation. If this academic performance continues for two successive semesters, the student will be dismissed and must wait for one year before applying for re-admission.

A student who wishes to withdraw the Seminary must secure the approval of the president following consultation with the Curriculum Committee. All earned credits will be honored for a period of five years from the semester of withdrawal if re-enrolled within that five-year period of time.

Transfer Students
Students transferring to the Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary are required to have a transcript of all their previous college and Seminary work sent to the Administrator of the Seminary. All Seminary work will be evaluated by the Curriculum Committee and appropriate credit given. No credit is allowed for any grade below C.

The Seminary has no residence facilities, hence, students must provide their own accommodations.

School Year
Classes for the first semester of the school year begin on the Wednesday following Labor Day in September unless otherwise indicated.

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