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Pastoral Ministry
The Pastoral Counselor.    3 credits
A course about the dynamics of the Pastoral counseling process designed to provide insight into human nature and the close relationship between body, soul and mind in human behavior. Students will learn to apply Biblical teachings to help people resolve problems in their lives.

Christian Education.    2 credits
The principles of the theology of Christian Education. Preparation for teaching Sunday School, Confirmation Class, Adult Bible Classes, etc.

Evangelism.    2 credits
A study of the principles and methods for Christian outreach in one’s own church and community, including home visitation.

Homiletics.    2 credits
A study of the construction and delivery of sermons.

Pastoral Work and Administration.    3 credits
A thorough study and discussion of pastoral theology and its application in the office of the ministry.

Ministry to the World.    2 credits
The biblical basis for mission work along with a history of the methods employed to carry out such work.

Liturgics and Hymnology.    1 credit
A study of the origin and meaning of liturgics, music and hymns in worship services with an emphasis upon Lutheran tradition.

Ministry to Youth.    1 credit
A study of philosophies and methodologies involved in working with youth.

Ministry to the Aging.    1 credit
A study of the various facets of ministering to senior citizens as vital members of the Body of Christ.

Church and Culture.    1 credit
An investigation about the interaction between church and culture.

Edifying the Church and Family.    1 credit
A course to develop an awareness of the dynamics of Pastoral duties in shepherding the flock, and the care of one's family with the necessity of maintaining personal, familial and congregational health through the resources that God has provided.


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