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Master of Divinity
The ministry of the Word is not simply a profession but a "Calling from God." Some may not be sure whether God has actually called them to such a ministry. The Seminary welcomes such individuals to commit themselves to at least one year of study. During this time they should be able to determine whether serving others through the uniqueness of a Christian ministry is an affirmation of Godís call to them.

Normal preparation for entrance is a Bachelor degree from a recognized college or university. Such preparation is highly recommended. Candidates may have their degree in any field, however a minimum number of credits must have been earned in the following Liberal Arts courses:

            New Testament Greek 6 semester credits
            English 3 semester credits
            Speech 3 semester credits
            English Composition 3 semester credits
            Foreign Language 6 semester credits
            History 6 semester credits
            Social Sciences 6 semester credits
            Philosophy 6 semester credits

Applicants unable to meet the above academic requirements may be admitted to audit or to attend classes and lectures upon approval of the faculty. Such students, upon completion of the given course will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This could later be credited towards a Seminary Diploma following acquisition of the required minimum credits indicated above.

The Applicant of the Master of Divinity degree must have earned the Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

Review and Evaluation
In order that the Seminary may properly assess a student's qualifications for the ministry, an evaluation will be conducted by the faculty at the close of the Seminary 1 year.

The criteria used in judging the qualifications of the student are (1) suitable personal qualifications, (2) adequate competence in ministerial functions, (3) adequate theological development, and (4) academic achievement of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better.

Application for Master of Divinity Degree

  1. At the conclusion of the Seminary 1 year, the student's performance will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee to determine his suitability for acceptance into the Master of Divinity degree program. Students not accepted into the program will be notified by the Dean at this time.
  2. All required courses in the curriculum as published in the Seminary catalog for the academic year in which the student was admitted must be completed successfully.

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