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Historical Theology
History of the Ancient Church.    3 credits
A historical analysis of the major people and events that shaped the Christian Church from the Apostolic Age to 600 AD.

History of the Medieval Church and the Reformation.    3 credits
A historical analysis of the Church of the Middle Ages and the Reformations Era.

History of the Post-Reformation Church.    3 credits
A historical analysis of the history of the Church from the Reformation in England to present.

History of American Lutheranism.     3 credits
The study of Lutheranism in America from the colonial period.

History of the Laestadian Movement and Apostolic Lutheranism.
    2 credits
An investigation of the origin and impact of the Laestadian movement both in its native Finland and in the United States.

History of Christianity in America.    3 credits
A history of the spread of the church in the United States from its pilgrim beginnings to the present.

Twentieth Century European Protestantism.    2 credits
An analysis of the current trends in religious thinking which emerged and continue to emerge from the Twentieth Century European Protestant community.

History of Christian Doctrine.    1 credit
A study of the development of Christian teaching.

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